Shri Basavalingeshwar Samadhi Math (called as Tuppin Math) is at the center surrounded by two specious entrance gates in the east and the south directions respectively.

The Legendary soul Jagadguru Shri Basavalingeshwar Maharaj enlightened through his noble incarnation and brought out tremendous change in the lives of numerous people with his spiritual knowledge and power for a short period and ultimately foretold by drawing a line to his incarnated life. Jagadguru Shri Basavalingeshwar Maharaj in his noble presence gave consent and directed for this Gadduge math.

The holy existence of this legendary soul in Gadduge math blesses and helps for solution to the millions in their difficulties when all options are blocked for them.

Shree’s Gadduge math has been built in the most attractive marble stones and wooden designs, where the devotees can have distant darshan of the Gadduge of Jagadguru Shri Basavalingeshwar through an arrangement called ‘ Mukh Darshan’.

Jagadguru Shri Basavalingeshwar Maharaj was pond of doing daily exercise and getting called as Pailwanayogi. This Pailwanayogi, who saved those who came as Sharanu even if he gave his life. He was a thunderbolt who gave birth to evil spirits. His influence was so great that the next generation called Sri Math as Jagadguru Basavalingeshwar Math that remains a unique landmark of this holy village!

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The Journey of Bhaktisagar...

Jagadguru Shri. Basavalingeshwar Mahaswami showed bhakti marg to all his devotees. The same jouney has been carry forward by Shri. Guru Revanasidd Swamiji and new tapaswi Shri. Abhinav basavalingeshwar Swamiji!

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